Father's Day with @Protein_Papi_

Jerry of @Protein_Papi_ is not your average father.  Not only is he an awe (and ab) inspiring dad, he's also a personal trainer with a secret weapon: Sweet Sweat.  With Father's Day right around the corner, we couldn't think of a better time to highlight this multi-tasking dad and Sweat Squad member. 


So how does Jerry balance it all?  Scroll below and find out.

Tell us about your health & wellness journey. What made you start?       

The beginning of my fitness journey began back in the summer of 2012. I was a fresh high school graduate who never played any high school sports and realized I had so much time on my hands after high school I didn’t know what else to do. I enjoyed being out and doing hikes and etc but I felt like it just wasn’t enough, so I had my best friend introduce me to actual weight lifting. He had a home gym so he would show me a few pointers and I loved it. After seeing minimal results, I just fell in love with the process which then led me to do more research into the wellness side, such as keeping my body healthy with a balanced diet and what foods have benefits and what supplementation can do for the body. The more results I got, the more I felt I could excel so I just kept going. I would create small goals for myself if it was either my physique or even just my overall strength preparation and surrounding my self with like minded people helped me along the way. At the beginning of all of this I'd say my weight was at about 135lbs, only being able to lift at max 60lbs give or take.

What’s your favorite way to break a sweat?           

My favorite way to break a sweat other than intense weight lifting? I do enjoy my self long cardio sessions on the stair master, others hate it some love it, to me its my go to for ultimate sweat and fat burning.


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What was the best piece of advice your father gave you? 

I was fortunate enough to be raised by my sister. I grew up without my father and my mother with sporadic absence in my life, so my sister played every family member role for me to make sure I never missed out on anything. The best piece of advice I'd say she gave me would be to work my butt off because no one will give me anything in this world.  Everything must be worked for its never given.

How do you balance health and fitness as a busy Dad?

It took me time to figure out how to balance this out.  With my first born I was really just all over and I would often times miss out on my health for long periods of time because being a dad comes first, but with my 2nd born it was more of an easier ride.  My daughters love to join me in what I’m doin, if its my workouts or even just cooking, they want to be part of the action.  Often times, since I am very hardcore about my fitness and health, I take the sacrifice of often times waking up early enough to get my workouts in and breakfast in before the kids are even up in the morning.  Being able to knock all that out gives me more time with the kids and then whatever work has to be done, the balance is also having a support system that I receive from my family on any time I may need a break or even just a breather.

What’s your favorite thing about being a “Girl Dad”? 

Best part about being a girl dad is that I know my daughters love me as much as I love them.  The smiles they give is the reason I hustle and push every day. My goal is to always give them what I never received.  I want to be part of every aspect of their life, everything from potty training, first steps, graduation and wedding days. Being a girl dad gives me happiness knowing I have a special bond with my kids. Their smiles and energy is the best part of being a girl dad.

How did your Dad influence your healthy habits and the father you are today?

My sister influenced my healthy habits.  She actually got me my first gym pass to 24hr fitness and would let me work out with her as a kid even though I never knew what I was doing until after high school. Over time she still maintained her health by going to the gym and going out for hikes.  Til this day its something her and I do often. The habits she raised me on are the habits I embody as a father. The discipline, the care, the love, all of it I get from her.  She makes me the parent I want for my kids because she was perfect for me as a mother and father.

What are your favorite ways to spend recreational time with your daughter? 

My youngest is a huge Disneyland lover so going there for some hours of the day is always a good time for her.  We also go out for ice cream or fly kites. My oldest loves going to the park or even just playing outdoors with her sister.  If they see me working out at home they will join.  They love doing the same workouts as me...just modified.


Do you have any tips for Dads out there looking to improve their health?

Tips for dads! If you’re looking to improve your health, start with your diet. Surprisingly enough, what you eat will give you the energy source to keep up with your kids.  My kids alone feel like they secretly drink energy drinks because they are so hyper sometimes, but I get by with my health and diet up to par. I’m never tired enough to do things with them, such as playing toys or even going out.

Are there any other Dads out there who inspire you to be the best role model you can be? 

There's a few IG influencers and body builders who I follow that are family men and always show their family. Aj Ellison is a role model of mine, as well as Jason Potson. The way they both are with their kids as well as how they embody fitness is who I aspire to be as I continue my health and wellness journey.

Anything else you want to share about being a father?

Have patience and enjoy the time because the memories they make only come by once.  If you feel overwhelmed or busy, make the kids part of your plans and show them what you’re doing.  Make them feel comfortable to try new things. You can’t ever rush a child!  You can only have the patience to teach and guide. Be your Childs teacher, discipline them with love and positivity. Teach them about the importance of loving others and respect of others. All of this goes a long way.