Sweet Sweat Q&A with the Squad

Did You Know? Our flagship product, Sweet Sweat, was developed by our founder and CEO back in the late 1970’s for his 500-member athletic club to help enhance and accelerate their workout programs. After four years of daily testing, he decided to bring this “one of a kind” fitness product to the market. Sweet Sweat is now sold in over 50 countries and is used by weekend warriors and professional athletes alike to help them maximize their workout and break a good sweat.

In other words, Sweet Sweat is kind of a big deal -- but don't just take our word for it.  Our Sweat Squad, a growing powerhouse of Sweet Sweat Ambassadors, is spilling the deets on how they got started, how their life has been impacted for the better, and why they simply can't get enough of this 6.4 ounce workout enhancer.

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What's your favorite part about being on the Sweat Squad?

My favorite part about being on the sweat squad is meeting new people and building friendships. Also the amazing products we get first hand before anyone else . - Noelle (@fitnessbynoelle)


I love how the activities motivate me to get my butt up and exercise. It gives me no excuses and there are rewards at the end. I love being able to share my journey with others and watching their results! - Alysse (@inkedfitmomwhoprays)


... if I have to narrow it down to just one thing, my absolute favorite part of being a part of the Sweat Squad, is the community. I have made genuine connections with amazing sweat squad members. I feel inspired by my friends on the sweat squad. - Shoshana (@harlemflex)


I love the community, the various activities that I get to do(helps with my creativity), watching other people's interpretation of activities and yeah, the freebies. I definitely love the products we get before it reaches the public. - Ify (@iamfittobeme)


How has being on the Sweat Squad changed your life?

It truly has! I have met some amazing people in the squad and learned some things that I will be able to take with me through my journey! - Charlotte (@charlotte_ww_mommy)


I've always been a huge sweet sweat fan before I made the squad . I've met new friends so we all pump each other up and help each other out if needed.  It's also made me consistent with my supplements keeping me healthy and sharing with my family and friends. - Noelle (@fitnessbynoelle)


Shortly after getting selected to become a member the Corona Virus changed our world. I ended up having to quarantine Alone with no friends or family for two months. One of the things that helped keep my spirits up and motivate me was the challenges, my new friends, and being able to do free giveaways for people who were struggling to feel joy during such dark times.- Shoshana (@harlemflex)


Being on the sweat squad has been a great experience so far! I used to always be afraid to share my workouts on Instagram but it has given me a lot of confidence  to just go after my dreams. Last year, I also had the chance to go to California for the first time ever and be a part of the LA fit expo which is something I'll never forget! It was a blast! - Elizabeth (@elizabethbagdon_fitness)


Being on the Sweat Squad has seriously kept me focused and encouraged to keep pushing towards my fitness goals. The best part is that even when I start to slack off a bit, seeing my Sweat Squad member's posts on social media encourages me to get back on track. I follow some pretty amazing women on the Sweat Squad and I hope I motivate them as much as they motivate me. - Kaeo (@tkoblack)


It has definitely changed my life, I now realize that I can be able to inspire so many women out there to just believe in themselves and go after anything they want in life. - Vanessa (@nessiixo)


It definitely has! I'm more confident about myself and my fitness journey. Being one of the selected people to represent a fitness brand as an ambassador sure put a spring in my step. - Ify (@iamfittobeme)



Has being on the Sweat Squad created any new opportunities for you?

Being apart of the sweat squad has allowed me to grow my online training business and has given meet the opportunity to meet others in the fitness industry. It has been so rewarding introducing people to the sweet sweat products and watching their bodies transform and their confidence grow! - Elizabeth (@elizabethbagdon_fitness)


It has helped me with socializing and inspires me to motivate others.- Alysse (@inkedfitmomwhoprays)


Being a member of the Sweat Squad has allowed me to grow my brand on social media. As well as network and collaborate with other fitness focused companies.- Kaeo (@tkoblack)


How does Sweet Sweat help you find motivation throughout the week?

I look forward to my workouts because seeing that sweat drip out of my trimmer after each one is sooooo dang motivating! - Charlotte (@charlotte_ww_mommy)


Honestly that's one of the things I love, Sweetsweat definitely helps with motivation because there are specific task to complete weekly and I love doing them. The task are what motivates you whether it's creating a workout and posting that whole routine to bringing light to a specific product that you are using. - Tameka (@prettiplainjane)


The sweat check after every workout motivates me. It's so satisfying to me. I can't workout without my sweet sweat waist trimmer . Like ever!  I look forward to watching the sweat drip off my body . - Noelle (@fitnessbynoelle)


Being the competitive person that I am, I enjoy participating in all of the weekly activities we are given. Those activities keep me on my toes because it allows me to create authentic content daily for my feed. If I realized that by Wednesday, I have a bunch of activities available, I get off of my behind and get to work! - Kaeo (@tkoblack)


Tell us about a Sweet Sweat or Sports Research product you use every day and cannot live without.

I couldn't just name one there are so many that I use very regularly. I do not workout without using my sweat enhancer or my waist trimmer (I love seeing how much I've sweat after a good workout).  I've also made the collagen peptides a staple product because I need the added joint and skin benefits you getting from the collagen peptides as I get older. - Tameka (@prettiplainjane)


I cannot live without the unflavored collagen peptides, I put a scoop in my coffee every morning and have been taking it for about two years now. It has helped my hair grow so long! - Elizabeth (@elizabethbagdon_fitness)


I am obsessed with the Sports Research Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies!! Not only are they delicious, but they actually work! I seriously have seen a decline in my digestive issues since I've been taking these small but mity chews. I am always raving about them and handing out samples to my family, because they too are becoming Sweet Sweat and Sports Research fanatics. - Kaeo (@tkoblack)


I use many sweet sweat and sports research products but one that  I cannot live without right now are the apples cider vinegar gummies. There are so many benefits in apple cider vinegar and I just could not stand the actual taste of it in liquid form so when they launched the gummies I was so excited and they taste amazing ! - Vanessa (@nessiixo)


I use a number of products every day (pre/post sweat, collagen peptides, supplements, sweat belt and gel). To be honest, I can't live without any of these. They are a part of my daily routine. From waking up and taking my coffee, tea or smoothie with some collagen peptides for great hair, skin, nails and support for my bones and joints, to working out daily with my pre sweat for energy boost or post sweat for rehydration, to my daily supplements and sweat belts, all these products are important to my fitness and wellness journey. - Ify (@iamfittobeme)


Share the results you’ve seen since starting your Sweet Sweat journey.

My waist has been slimmer than it's ever been & I have so many people tell me they have noticed it as well! - Charlotte (@charlotte_ww_mommy)


I have used SweetSweat since 2018 and lost 85lbs after giving birth to my daughter. SweetSweat has helped prevent loose skin with the weight loss.- Alysse (@inkedfitmomwhoprays)


Before I used sweet sweat I always wanted abs but no matter how many crunches I did I still seemed to hold extra weight around my torso. Since discovering sweet sweat I have been able to maintain a lean physique while putting on muscle. - Elizabeth (@elizabethbagdon_fitness)


Since I started my Sweet Sweat journey, I have seriously seen a tremendous increase in my fitness confidence. I've learned to listen to and trust my body. I've also taken several fitness courses to learn proper exercise techniques and how to train for specific activities. This journey has awakened a passion for fitness within me. - Kaeo (@tkoblack)


Ive been using sweet sweat for over 5 years now and I can definitely say I've noticed more definition and an increase in energy.- Vanessa (@nessiixo)


I'm more confident in my journey and in myself as a fitness motivator. I'm more agile, fitter and stronger (physically and mentally). I've also been able to encourage more people to start their journey to being fit.- Ify (@iamfittobeme)