5 ways to actually look forward to Mondays

We get it, Mondays aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite day of the week. In fact, even thinking about Monday morning may trigger feelings of anxiety and depression. However, are those negative feelings coming from you or the social stigma behind this day? What if we replace these negative thoughts with positive ones? Instead of complaining about the start of a new work week, maybe rejoice that we are given a chance to have a fresh new start.

You actually have the ability to turn Monday into your favorite day! You are the owner of your life and regardless if society has labeled this day "Monday Blues", you can overcome that stigma at anytime.


If you want to start your week off on a positive note, you can make that happen with these 5 ways:

1. Connecting to yourself when you wake up. Instead of checking Instagram, you could use that time in a way that could benefit your health. Allowing yourself even 5 minutes of deep breathing will leave you feeling better than any Instagram post ever would! Another way could be moving the body to release tension. Walk around the block or open the flow of energy by practicing Qigong. Also, taking L-theanine before you head to work could help you remain relaxed and focused, so not even traffic can kill your vibe. 

2. Pick a mantra for the new week. No matter what obstacles come your way throughout the day, your mind is your greatest asset. Having a mantra to fall back on can cut off negative thinking and keep you focused on what truly matters. For example, this week's mantra could be “I’m in control of my happiness”. Regardless of what happens on Monday, YOU are the only one who is able to shift negative thoughts into positive ones.

3. Spend 30 minutes to set goals for the week. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have some type of structure to your week. It's nice to allow the weekend to be more laid back, but using Monday as a day to get back on track will ease the stress of another week. Making a list of the things you need to get done and organizing them by priority will help you to stay on course. If you've been putting off folding your laundry, choose a day to get that done so you aren't stressed every time you come home from work. Also, planning your fitness workouts and meals might sound boring, but if feeling good is a priority... you will make time. 

4. Create a playlist that inspires and motivates you. Spend a few minutes Sunday night and put together some songs that you can listen to while you get ready for work or sit in traffic. If you notice that commercials on the radio annoy you or you get tired of listening to the same songs, be proactive and create your own playlist! 

5. Nourish your body. Good food equals a good mood! If you're starting Monday morning off with doughnuts and sugary beverages, you're not going to feel as energized as the day goes on. Instead, use Monday as a way to detox or get back on track with your health goals. Maybe splurge a little more on a green smoothie or an organic meal; make Monday a day to invest in yourself.    

Remember, Mondays are only as bad as you allow them to be. These are only a few of the many simple ways to cure those 'Monday Blues'. 

You have the tools to allow Monday to be your favorite day of the week or at least tolerable. So, if there's only one thing you are willing to change on Mondays, let that be your attitude.


Written By: Rebekah Madison

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