Let's Move Together: At-Home Workout Roundup

Working out from home has officially become the new normal, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.  If you've been following us on social or shopping our at-home workout collection, you know that we've fully embraced the quarantine lifestyle.  With that being said, we're inviting you to follow the five workouts we'll be streaming on repeat starting tomorrow.  Who says you can't get fit during a pandemic?  Not us!  In fact, we'd argue there's no better time than now to get a better sweat.  Let's move together.

Scroll through, wash your hands for 20 seconds, and then scroll some more to see how we're staying fit with the #SweatSquad while social distancing.  

1. @HarlemFlex: Resistance Band Workout 


2. @FitnessByNoelle: Booty & Hamstring Workout


 3. @KayyRios: Boxing Workout 

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🥊 Boxing inspired full body workout this morning because sometimes you just need a good sweat 💦 . . ♦️Warm up: 4 rounds 25 reps each 1️⃣Jumping jacks 2️⃣Prisoner squats 3️⃣Push ups 4️⃣Sit ups 5️⃣Flutter kicks . . ♦️Banded weaving in and out 3-4 rounds of 2 minutes with 30 second breaks in between . ♦️Resistance band shadow boxing 3-4 rounds of 2 minutes with 30 second breaks in between . ♦️Jump rope 3 -4 rounds of 2 minutes with 30 second breaks in between . . . used my @sportsresearch @sweetsweat 1️⃣hip bands 2️⃣resistance bands 3️⃣ speed rope . . ♦️code karen10 saves you at check out 👉🏻www.sportsresearch.com . #ssfitgoals #2020SweatSquad #SportsResearch #HomeWorkout

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 4. @LucyCarletonn: Loop Band Workout

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hi guys! I know there are plenty of at home workouts online (literally everywhere) but some of you keep asking for me to post a workout with bands and I love that you guys wanna see my workouts 🥺💕 we’re doing a full leg workout using bands only! Like, save, and share with a friend in need 🖤 (there are 4 exercises to each video (listed below in order) my squat jumps didn’t make it in the first video last exercise :/ Circuit - Squats with pulse x14 - Hip thrusts x 12 - Glute kick backs x 12 (each leg) - HIIT 30 squat jumps - Closed stance squats x14 - Step up on box x12 (each leg) - Side band kicks x12 - HIIT 30 toe touches - Hamstring curl on ball x14 - Hamstring curl (each leg) x14 - Deadlifts x14 - HIIT 30 skater hops Repeat this circuit 3x times! (If you have weights at home use them in your workout 😈) used @sweetsweat @sportsresearch Mini loop bands! Link in bio. Love these bands so versatile as it comes in 5 different resistance levels. I used a book to elevate my heels on the close stance squats, and I found a wooden box for the step ups and for my hip thrusts. I don’t have a yoga mat so I used my throw. Lol get creative and improvise with household items... possibilities are endless. I used a 20lb dumbbell for my deadlifts but you can easily find something else around you (detergent, case of water, water gallon, heavy plant pot, or your kid lol) SONG: Roses by Saint jhn . #athome #athomeworkouts #bandworkout #legworkout #legday #sponsored #sweetsweat #2020sweatsquad @sweetsweat

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 5. @Veronica_J: Legs and Glutes Workout

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🏠 AT HOME LEGS & GLUTES W/RESISTANCE BANDS🍑🦵🏽⁣ ⁣ Because I’m 30 weeks pregnant 🤰🏽 I’m not allowed to lift heavy. This workout contains all body weight so I’ve included supersets with high reps to feel the burn 🔥 swipe right ➡️ for the workout ⁣ ⁣ 🍑Warm up: jump rope 1 min ⁣ 🍑4x20 banded sumo squats⁣ SS 4x20 banded glute bride w/pause ⁣ 🍑 4x20 banded standing kickbacks⁣ SS 4x20 banded lateral leg lifts ⁣ 🍑4x20 banded lying kickback⁣ SS 4x20 seated banded abductions ⁣ 🍑4x10 (each leg) banded bulgarian split squats⁣ SS 4x10 (each leg) banded curtsy lunge ⁣ 🍑4x10 squat jumps⁣ SS 4x5 (each side) lateral band walk ⁣ ⁣ Bands used are from @upppergear ⁣🌺flower print is medium resistance⁣ 🍕pizza print is heavy resistance ⁣ ⁣ 💡Beginners can complete this workout without the bands & lower reps. For a more intense workout add weights. ⁣ ⁣ ‼️These clips have been sped up so complete each workout at a steady pace #sponsored #sweetsweat #2020sweatsquad in your caption @sweetsweat

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