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      Sports Research® Pre & Post Sweat Bundle, tub of Sports Research® Pre Sweat Watermelon Yuzu flavored pre-workout powder, tub of Sports Research® Post Sweat Blue Razz flavored advanced hydration powder, and a Sweet Sweat® shaker cup all in a special box.
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      If you're looking for a way to whip up your favorite supplement-enhanced beverages, look no further than the SR Premium Drink Mixer. Featuring a high torque motor and stainless steel body, this battery-operated mixer is essential for whipping up your favorite supplements in style. Want to keep your nutrition and hydration on the go with you? Then reach for the Sweet Sweat BlenderBottle®. This 28-ounce shaker cup features a leak-proof seal and iconic design, as well as a BlenderBall wire whisk that will ensure smooth shakes every time. Just push down on the flip cap until it makes a distinctive snap, then shake or stash your bottle with complete confidence that your favorite drink is securely closed. Our favorite way to enjoy these two amazing products? Grab a tall glass of water, add in your favorite SR Collagen flavor, and let the whisk do its thing!