Defy the odds and unlock your inner champion.

No gym? No problem. Be prepared for anything with home workout essentials designed for anywhere. Whether you're looking for the motivation to take your workout to the next level or you're browsing for the latest trends in fitness gear, Sweet Sweat has you covered.

Better Performance

Pre and Post Sweat

What does every good workout need before and after a good sweat? A thoughtfully formulated supercharge to your senses. Each sip of these summer-inspired flavors in the Pre and Post Sweat lineup is enriched with Essential Amino Acids to advance your performance day to night.

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Find Your Motivation

Sweet Sweat

A workout staple, Sweet Sweat is activated by your elevated heart rate and may help the body sweat more during exercise. Simply apply this topical gel to the muscles you’re working out and get moving. Great for cardio, circuit, high-intensity interval training, and even in the sauna!

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Sweat Louder

Neon Waist Trimmers

Brighten up your workout routine with the Limited Edition Neon Collection Sweet Sweat® Waist Trimmer. It's durable, lightweight, and flexible allowing for a wide range of movements. Made with latex-free Neoprene, choose between four vibrant colors and get your sweat on!

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Power Couple

Sweet Sweat Bundle

Our most popular bundle… ever? Why yes, yes it is. Sweet Sweat and the Waist Trimmer work best when used together so we bundled them and now you never have to choose. Pair your favorite Sweet Sweat scent with the Trimmer color you love and kick your workout up a notch.

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Full Body

Resistance Bands Set

Believe it or not, everything you need to sculpt and strengthen your core, chest, arms, legs and back is in this box. These premium fitness bands come in 5 levels of resistance and are made with strong, heavy rubber to ensure they stand up to even the most intense workouts.

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On the Go

Loop Bands

Want to work out your upper and lower body with only one band? These versatile mini-loop bands can be used for strength, coordination and balance training, or recovery and injury rehabilitation. Just switch to a stronger band or combine loop bands for even more resistance.

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Jump Rope

What’s the perfect way to get a full body workout that activates your core, increases agility, and improves balance? Jumping rope. Grab this home workout essential so you can build endurance, stamina & reflexes and get the most concentrated leg workout possible.

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Built to Last

Hip Bands

If you’re looking to get the best hip, leg & glute workout of your life, you’re going to want to grab these bands. Designed with premium-grade materials to enhance your booty workouts and help you maximize your lower body training so you’ll never want to skip leg day again.

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Rock Your Core

Ab Wheel

No need to reinvent the wheel when you can use it to tone your abs, core, arms and back with one swift movement. Designed with a wide wheel and rubberized non-slip grips to maximize stability so you can carve left, right and center with ease.

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The reviews are in.

"Heavy duty! I was worried that it wouldn't be able to withstand my 275lb frame. The device easily handles my frame and the device feels solid."

Cheche, Ab Wheel

"Sweet Sweat is my favorite to work up a great sweat while I’m out and if I want to sweat even more I use my citrus mint workout enhancer."

Aubreana, Citrus Mint Sweet Sweat Stick

Best kept secret! The Sweet Sweat stick enhances my workout and the sweat that pours from my targeted areas is insane.

Nikki, Coconut Sweet Sweat Stick

Now a FOREVER customer. I just used my waist trimmer for the first time and had to sit down and immediately write a review. The amount of sweat this produced! Just wow.

AshKash, Waist Trimmer