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      Sweet Sweat Push Up Bars 2 pack, black in color with white logo. Fully assembled.
      Sweet Sweat Paige Hathaway Collection Waist Trimmer, turquoise blue in color with black logo. Paired with Sweet Sweat topical gel stick, citrus mint scented. Also included is a small bottle of Sports Research Trimmer Cleaning Spray.
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      Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Xtra Coverage, black in color with white logo.
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      Sweet Sweat Workout Essentials Bundle, Sweet Sweat Core Sliders, Sweet Sweat Speed Jump Rope, and Sweet Sweat Fitness Bands.
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      Sweet Sweat Adjustable Strap Neoprene Fanny Pack, black in color, with grey logos.
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      Sports Research® Pre & Post Sweat Bundle, tub of Sports Research® Pre Sweat Watermelon Yuzu flavored pre-workout powder, tub of Sports Research® Post Sweat Blue Razz flavored advanced hydration powder, and a Sweet Sweat® shaker cup all in a special box.
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      How do you take your sweat?

      We know you have a lot of
      choices, but we have a feeling that when it comes to pre-workout formulas, SR® Pre Sweat is going to be at the top of your list. What makes it so special? Let's start with the fact that it contains Leucine-Enriched Essential Amino Acids (EAAs superior to BCAAs),
      German-sourced Creatine, Beta-Alanine and other trademarked ingredients. But then there's the taste—we know you'll love it! This pre-workout formula is perfect for maximizing and fueling your next workout.* Now
      that you've got the best possible fuel for your workout, why not take things a step further? You can customize your Workout Essentials Bundle
      by choosing from three Jump Rope styles: Core Sliders and your choice of Loop, Resistance or Hip Bands so you can tone and glide your way to the ultimate on-the-go workout experience.