Workout Enhancer

For over 40 years, Sweet Sweat has supported athletes from every level— pros to weekend warriors to fitness enthusiasts. Activated by your elevated heart rate, this one-of-a-kind workout enhancer is specially formulated to help you sweat harder so you can maximize your workout and reach your optimal fitness goals.

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Sweet Sweat Jar

The original design that stands the test of time. Used by professional athletes and trainers, the Sweet Sweat Jar is a great way to apply Sweet Sweat anywhere on your body so you can get the most out of your exercise.

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Sweet Sweat Stick

A portable design makes this the perfect addition to any gym bag. Unlike the Jar, the Stick provide a hands free experience that allows you to apply Sweet Sweat to targeted areas without getting the product all over your hands.

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5 Scents to Choose From

Smell fresh before and after your workout with the Sweet Sweat Scent that's right for you. Choose between the clean Original scent, the fresh aroma of Coconut, the crispness of Citrus Mint, the island getaway Tropical, or the fragrance-free Unscented for an enhanced sweating experience.