Tomas speaks fluently both English and Spanish, he was born in 1989 and studied at Florida International University with a Degree in Exercise Kinesiology. He's the founder and CEO of TFIT360 and licensed as a National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer. 

In 2013, he took his services online in order to try to touch the greatest amount of lives possible. He began to offer meal plans, workouts, advice and tips that he developed over the previous years. His mission is to improve the lives of his clients through a combination of physical fitness and proper diet.


Sweet Sweat Stick (6.4oz)

Sweet Sweat Stick (6.4oz)

Sweet Sweat "easy to apply" roll on stick applicator helps improve circulation, motivation and sweating during exercise. Breaking a Sweat during your workout is significant — it takes energy to sweat, more energy than most people may think. And like all energy consuming process, Sweating Helps Burn Calories. That’s the idea behind Sweet Sweat. You simple apply it to the skin right before exercise and with your elevated heart rate Sweet Sweat will begin to activate, producing an increase in circulation and sweating to all areas applied. Sweet Sweat may be used as often as you like, most long time users say they will never workout without it. There are no harmful side effects from everyday use.