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We believe in our products, and so do our customers and athletes. At Sports Research, our mission is to maximize your overall quality of life by helping you achieve your optimal health and fitness-related goals.

Backed By Science

Many of our products are made with patented and trademarked ingredients, sourced from the finest raw material suppliers in the industry, and researched in scientifically backed studies.

Quality Ingredients

Our supplements and nutritional products are manufactured by third party audited and certified facilities compliant with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) standards.

Affordably Priced

Since 1980, we have been helping customers achieve their health and fitness-related goals by delivering high quality products at an affordable price.

Get More From Your Workout

Sweet Sweat

  • Get Your Workout Going

    Sweet Sweat helps support circulation for a quicker warm-up and a more impactful workout.

  • Recovery

    Sweet Sweat may help reduce soreness, strains, and muscle fatigue for optimal workouts.

  • A Better Flow

    Sweet Sweat helps support circulation to your muscles, helping accelerate your warm-up and cool-down time.

  • You. Will. Sweat.

    Sweet Sweat uses a blend of oils and ingredients sourced-from-nature to make you sweat more during your workout. 

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