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We believe in our products, and so do our athletes. At Sports Research, you’ll find only the highest quality, clean, and proven ingredients to support your healthy lifestyle.

Backed By Science

All Sports Research products are heavily researched, proven effective, and scientifically sound.

Quality Ingredients

Our proven ingredients are third-party independently tested for purity. Many are organic, sustainably sourced or certified by governing bodies for quality.

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We have a long tradition of helping families achieve their health and fitness goals by delivering high quality products at affordable pricing.

Get More From Your Workout

Sweet Sweat

  • Get Your Workout Going

    Sweet Sweat improves circulation where applied for a quicker warm up and a more impactful workout. 

  • Recovery

    Soothe tender spots and improve circulation to injured areas. Sweet Sweat even helps fight lactic acid build up so workouts last longer.

  • A Better Flow

    Improving circulation to your muscles raises your metabolic rate and helps you get more out of your workout. 

  • You. Will. Sweat.

    Sweet Sweat uses all-natural ingredients to make you sweat more during your workout. You’ll feel more accomplished, and you’ll notice the results.

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