Q&A with The Consistency Twins

If there's been one shimmering silver lining during this entire pandemic, its been the unique and heartwarming ways that our community has come together while staying apart.  We digitally met up with Sweat Squad ambassadors,  Kaeo & LaTonqua, to learn how they've remained closer than ever despite coronavirus -- all while breaking a killer sweat.  
Q: First things first. How did you two ladies meet?
A: Go figure, we met at the gym!

Q: How long have you been workout partners and how often do you workout together?
A: We have been exclusive workout partners since 2017 when we switched to Gold's Gym, but we have been working out together since 2016. We began Gold's with a large group of women all working out together at 5 am. But due to life circumstances, our group has dwindled down to the two of us.
Q: What inspired you to start working out together?
A: Our initial meeting was at a Transformation Camp that had a quick fix to losing weight. We both realized we needed long term fitness goals that would last a lifetime. One day at a time, we made our way to Gold's Gym and now 3 years later we are still consistently working out together!

Q: Where does “The Consistency Twins” nickname come from?
A: As mentioned earlier, there was a group of us women that started working out at Gold's Gym but as time kept ticking one after another fell off their fitness journey. One day our close friend/sister said that what she admires most about us is our consistency. That’s when she named us the Consistency Twins! I think the twin part came from us semi dressing alike during our workouts!

Q: How do you keep each other motivated?
A: Our initial response would be that we are both self motivated but truth be told we thrive off of each other’s drive and determination to keep each other motivated.

Q: Was there ever a time where one of you lost motivation and if so, how did you motivate one another to get back on track?
A: Yelling lol. Almost always yelling lol. We both have a little drill sergeant in us. When one of us needs a kick in the butt, the other will not hesitate to force the other back on track.

Q: Do you have any health & fitness role models you look up to?
We have a few bad a** fitness women who keep us motivated and inspired to constantly push ourselves in our workouts: @kaisafit@danyelewilson@silver_training@msnicolefit, and @xxcocochanel.
Q: Do you plan your workouts ahead of time or just wing it?
A: A little of both. We go in knowing which muscle groups we want to work on. But we have found that planning out specific moves can get tricky since the gym is super crowded when we workout. We always have a plan, but we keep our options open so we aren't standing around waiting on a machine to open up. We don't have that kind of time lol.

Q: What role does Sweet Sweat play in your workout routine?
A: Sweet Sweat is the backbone of our workout routine! We start every workout with Sweet Sweat to enhance our sweat and our results.

Q: Which Sweet Sweat / Sports Research products are your “must-haves”?
A: ALL of them lol. But no seriously, we swear by the workout enhancer and waist trimmer. We have legitimately been using these products since 2016.

Q: Do you have any tips on how to keep your gym-buddy accountable?
A: By setting very clear fitness goals, it's a lot easier to keep one another on track. Daily wake up texts and coordinating outfits helps us to not miss days during the week. And if one of us starts slacking, the other will simply remind the other of the goals we set and that usually helps us get back on track. 

Q: How has the shut-down of gyms affected your ability to be there for each other? How has COVID-19 impacted your commitment to each other? 
A: Since the shut-down, we have still been "virtually inseparable." We still record and share our daily workouts. We also motivate the other to get busy if one of us is "in our feelings" and does not feel like working out. This is a lifestyle for us, so this shut-down is just a minor bump in the road. We are still 100% committed to fitness, health and wellness.

Q: How have each or your health routines evolved since the gyms have been closed?
A: The first two weeks were horrible. We were both off of our routines and were in a depressive state since our entire world shifted in a matter of days. But then we decided, if this will be our new normal, it was time to create new routines! Although we cannot workout together at 5 am, we both beast it out on our lunch breaks. Working out at the same time everyday makes it feel like we are together even though we are not.

Q: Is there anything unique that you have been able to do or explore due to social distancing requirements?
A: Since both of us are blessed and still working from home everyday, we haven't necessarily had the time to explore new hobbies or anything like that. However, we have both managed to inspire our families to get back into fitness. Both of our families are now working out daily with us, and that’s just priceless!

Q: Any tips for people out there looking to create an accountability partner during this time?
A: The most important thing we recommend is finding someone who can push you to always do more. Settling should never be an option for either of you. I think our relationship has worked so well because we met in the gym. So the foundation of our friendship was built and fostered around the gym. Our passion for fitness was always there. If you truly want an effective accountability partner, their fitness goals must be aligned with yours. Otherwise neither one of you will be consistent. Sometimes you need a little push and if they don't understand your goals, they won't be there to give you the encouragement you need to go harder.