Collagen powder or beauty elixir?

It's a draw.

It’s collagen, reimagined. It’s you, reset. Reach for a higher standard with Collagen Beauty Complex, an antioxidant-rich supplement designed to stimulate new, younger looking skin with every sip.

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f_icon_1 150 mcg Biotin (strengthen hair, skin, and nails)
f_icon_2 50mg Hyaluronic Acid (hello glowing skin)
f_icon_3 100mg Red Orange Complex (buh-bye sun spots)
f_icon_4 180mg Vitamin C (oooh...immune support)

Sparkling Citrus

Watermelon Yuzu

With notes of sparkling citrus, say hello to glowing hair, skin & nails with every sip of your Watermelon Yuzu infused apertif. From low molecular weight collagen to biotin and hyaluronic acid, each mocktail delivers a reinvigorating boost to put the “you” back in youthful.

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Keep it Classy

Unflavored, with a Twist

Enjoyed as a flavorless add-on to your favorite mocktail or stirred into your morning cup, this is not your average Collagen powder. Defend your skin from within and say ciao to hyperpigmentation with the powerhouse combo of hyaluronic acid & vitamin C.

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Crisp and Subtle

Strawberry Lemonade

Play your collagen right and go all in. Feel the difference with every hydrating sip of Strawberry Lemonade. High-quality marine collagen makes a match with skin-supportive nutrients that will leave your skin looking oh so dewy.

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You Can Sip With Us

The Checkmate

You’ve just been dealt the best hand at the table. Shake or stir your way to a flush of thirst-quenching grapefruit infused collagen power. One sip will have you feeling at the top of your game, no matter what odds are stacked against you.

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Real People, Real Reviews

Hair became thick, eyelashes and eyebrows were also thickened. Indeed, the wrinkles [on my face] have smoothed out! This is great! Especially for women.


I love the taste. Very strawberry and doesn't taste fake. Quite sweet actually. I find it very pleasant and refreshing. Dissolved well in iced water. Very good for fish/marine-based collagen. Recommend.


I noticed a difference after 2 weeks of drinking this stuff everyday. The whole tub lasted for around 1 month. A very good quality product for hair, skin and nails. Plus it tastes great!


Worth it! Repurchasing this item as I’ve finished my last tub. Highly recommended. Mild to unnoticeable taste and dissolves quickly. I add to my morning coffee and drink daily. Noticed an improvement in my complexion and less breakouts.


I really like the flavor Watermelon Yuzu. Collagen is very important for the whole body-- hair, skeletal system, muscles, joints, nails, blood vessels... Very good product. I recommend! No aftertaste, either, which is a big plus.