Iced Orange Latte

Iced Orange Latte

POV: it’s not cool enough yet for a hot drink but you’re ready to dip into autumn flavors. This Iced Orange Latte is meant for early fall sippin’.



1 shot of espresso

1 orange, freshly squeezed


1 scoop SR® Chocolate Collagen

⅓ cup milk of choice

1 tsp honey

Dash of cinnamon


  1. Add shot of espresso, splash of freshly squeezed orange juice and scoop of Chocolate Collagen to a glass and combine thoroughly with an SR Drink Mixer.

  2. Add ice.

  3. For the froth, in a separate glass, combine milk, honey, cinnamon and a splash of orange juice and mix with drink mixer until frothed.

  4. Pour froth over espresso mixture and ENJOY!



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