Matcha Martini

This is your sign to swap your traditional Espresso Martini for a Matcha Collagen Martini. Make a fancy evening cocktail (or mocktail) using the very best ingredients from the SR® Kitchen. If you like your Collagen benefits shaken, not stirred - this drink is for you.



1 scoop SR® Match Collagen Peptides

4-6 ounces hot water

1/2 lemon, juiced

1 tsp maple syrup

Optional: 1 ounce gin or vodka

Mint leaves



1. First prepare the Matcha by adding one scoop of Matcha Collagen to hot water and whisk until thoroughly combined and frothy. 

2. In a shaker, combine matcha and all other ingredients and shake vigorously. 

3. Pour the Matcha mix into a martini glass, garnish with mint and enjoy!


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