These Summer Rolls are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

They say you eat with your eyes... this GORGEOUS recipe is refreshing, nutritious and so fun to make! Summer rolls are customizable and ideal for breaking out your favorite summer fruits and veggies. Served with an Organic MCT Oil dipping sauce, it's the perfect medley of crunchy and creamy. 


Fresh Summer Rolls


Rice paper

Vermicelli noodles

Our fruit/veg picks: 





Watermelon Radish 


Purple cabbage 


Dragon fruit 



Extras: fresh Mint, hemp seed, chia seed, sesame seed


For the dipping sauce: 

1 cup Plain yogurt

1 tbsp Honey 

1 tbsp SR® Organic MCT Oil


1. Prepare dipping sauce. Mix yogurt, honey and SR® Organic MCT Oil in a bowl and refrigerate.

2. Gather and prepare your ingredients. (I.e. shred cabbage, slice avocado, strawberries, carrots and cut into cute shapes for even more of an eye appealing meal).

3. Prepare the virmicelli noodles based on package instructions and set aside.

4. Begin to assemble your rolls by Immersing rice paper in bowl/plate of water for about 15 seconds. Place on a cutting board (tip: rice paper is easier to roll when using a plastic cutting board).

5. Layer in noodles, fruits, veggies and herbs and roll up.

6. Dip, dip, dip and enjoy!

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