3 ways to get more Vitamin D while cooped up indoors

If you've ever heard the phrase "Sunshine is the best medicine", you probably know it's referencing Vitamin D. Vitamin D is SO important because it manages the absorption of calcium for better bone health. It’s also a game changer in our immune system and is assumed to play a role in several types of diseases.* 
The only way we can make this essential nutrient on our own is by spending more time in the sunlight. So how do we boost our Vitamin D levels cooped up inside, quarantined, and without sunshine? We’ve got a few tricks that are super simple to blend into your winter routine.

 Eating Foods High in Vitamin D 

An important way to start increasing your Vitamin D levels is reconsidering what's on your plate. There are many foods high in Vitamin D that you can include in your daily diet. Some of the goodies highest in Vitamin D include Mushrooms, Egg Yolks, Salmon, and Spinach. Paige Hathaway's Seared Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl is the perfect fix for a healthy, D3 boosting meal. 

 Supplements - Cue Sports Research

While cooking is a great source of D3, you have to eat quite a bit just to meet the daily requirement. Not to worry, we have your back on this one. Our Vitamin D3 softgels are the perfect drop of sunlight for an on-the-go boost. The small size and shape of these softgels will make taking your daily vitamins a cake walk.  
Following a plant-based diet? Try our Vegan D3 softgels from Lichen. Better yet, if you're looking for all around support, grab our Vitamin K2 + D3 softgels to get the best of both worlds. 


Vitamin D Fortified Drinks

Maybe some of the foods listed above aren't your favorite or perhaps you prefer to get your nutrients from a tasty beverage. Not to worry, there are plenty of fortified drinks that are high in Vitamin D. These include Orange juice, Almond Milk, or Cow's Milk. Drink up! 


Your best bet? Aim for all three.