Behind our new Women's Probiotic

Meet an all new probiotic formula created specifically for women to help restore balance to the body.*


What sets this product apart: 

  • 16 Diversified Strains with Organic Prebiotics & 60 mg of Cranberry Powder for an all-encompassing type of support
  • We guarantee 65 billion CFUs until the expiration date, because replenishing good bacteria should never be second rate
  • Certified Vegan and 3rd Party Non-GMO Verified
  • No unnecessary binders, soy, gluten, or preservatives


The difference between Women's Probiotics and Daily Probiotics

When Should I Take Probiotics?

For both products, healthy adults should take 1 delayed release veggie capsule daily with food. Best when taken as directed by a healthcare professional. To guarantee the full life of CFUs per capsule, ensure that your probiotics are stored properly in a dry, cool place. We highly recommend storing in the refrigerator.


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