Sweet Sweat Stick 6.4oz -Coconut
Sweet Sweat topical gel stick, coconut scented information panel.

Sweet Sweat Stick 6.4oz -Coconut


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Sweet Sweat with Organic Coconut Oil is a topical gel that works with your own elevated heart rate to help you achieve a better sweat during vigorous exercise and can also aid with post workout recovery.  Can also be used while swimming, and in dry or infrared saunas. For an enhanced Sweat experience use in combination with Sweet Sweat Neoprene Trimmers.

Woman holding Sweet Sweat Coconut stick in two halves of a broken coconut.


The clean and fresh scent of our Sweet Sweat workout enhancer gel will keep you smelling great both during and after exercise. Enhance your workout experience by applying a thin, even layer of Sweet Sweat prior to your fitness routine. Our Sweet Sweat workout enhancer gel also works well with a waist trainer when exercising.


Our Sweet Sweat cream is activated by your elevated heart rate, helping you sweat harder and cut excess water weight. Sweat earlier and sweat harder during cardio, circuit, and high-intensity interval training. Our workout enhancer sweat gel can also be used while swimming and in dry or infrared saunas. When used for abs, combine with our Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmers for best results! Sweet Sweat is an Official Partner of UFC.

sweet sweat coconut workout enhancer stick
sweet sweat coconut workout enhancer stick
sweet sweat coconut workout enhancer stick
sweet sweat coconut workout enhancer stick


Our Sweet Sweat workout gel's convenient roll-on stick applicator makes it easy to spread on your skin and to get those hard-to-reach areas. Our Sweet Sweat Stick can be used to target your belly, midsection, arms, legs or anywhere else on your body. For the best results, apply our Sweet Sweat Stick to slow-to-respond areas and get moving!

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